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J.S. Russo

The response to my book has been gratifying and very touching. Here are several of the beautiful comments readers have shared with me. I am grateful to them and many others who have shown their support.

"WOW! You are an inspiration to many. My dad passed away in November from cancer. Reading your website has shed some light that life does go on, and we should remember lots of happy times, not just dwell on the negative. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!! I will share the website with my mom and sisters."
— Sharon

"You did a great job. The talk was amazing--very inspirational and funny. I hope you get that book into as many hands as possible."
— Margaret Reyes Dempsey, Author of "The Benefactor"

"My feeling is that this book should be read at one sitting, and I'm hoping for that elusive time to read it soon. From what the opening pages suggest, we will not be disappointed."
— Dr. Joe and Mrs. Ana Dellorusso, Pediatrician, East Rockaway

"You are a natural writer and I read the book from cover to cover. I felt like I was with you and Sue. She was such a special person and you brought that out in the book. I am so proud of you and in awe of your accomplishment. Sue would be so proud, too."
— Ronnie, Teacher and Former Colleague of Sue

"WOW! The courage, devotion and tenacity that both of you had during those years renders me speechless. I just want to cry while writing this to you. Don't misunderstand me. The book didn't leave me depressed. [I] just [felt] an overwhelming sense of sadness."
— Dolores

"Your book is written beautifully. The book engages me and makes me feel involved with the characters. I truly enjoy reading it. I cannot wait for the sequel."
— Rina

"I was very moved by [your book], since I work in a hospital environment. You are truly a special person for putting this experience in words."
— Jeanette, Medical Professional, Texas

"What we learn from the book it is so valuable for us, but most important: you were able to help Sue get her message across. I am very happy to have gotten to know about her life, her strength and her insistence that all of us become aware of what stage four survivors have to go through. And Joe, you are a great man, willing to give everything for the love of his life. What an inner force you had to have going through all this."
— Juan

"I've read your book and feel like you are sitting and talking to me. [It contains] some very funny stuff, including the gypsy moth story :-) along with the painful parts."
— Alynn, Sue's Sister

"I finished the book! It was outrageous! I enjoyed reading every paragraph. Your words motivated me to keep reading and captured my attention from the start! I felt as though I knew Sue. Thank you for writing this book. It has opened my eyes to so many things! You're truly magnificent!"
— Kim, 2009 Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Recipient
"P.S. - I cannot wait to read After Math!!" [A sequel that is being written.]"

"Enjoying [your book]. Some of your stories remind me of how I met my wife and how hilarious some of the events were that occurred [on our] first date."
— Lou, Retired Teacher

"I would like to thank you for inviting so many to share in such an intimate and loving relationship as you and Sue had. The love, joy and devotion you had for each other wove its way throughout a very tough and tender story. I felt as if I were a close friend going through all your ups and downs."
— Diana Stevens, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Energy and Shaman healer, Brooklyn, New York

"I finished reading your book. The last chapter [was] so sad and beautiful at the same time! Though several relatives of mine died from cancer, I never had such an understanding of what it is [like] to deal with — until I read your book. Thanks for sharing such intimate details of your life, painful as it must have been to write this."
— Ilene Schuss, Long Island and New York City Area Widow/ers Group

"I finished your book. I don't know how you ever got through Sue's illness, and I certainly don't know how you are able to be so positive and go on with your life so beautifully. It is a real tribute to her. She did not give up for one minute and kept her hopes high. What a woman!"
— Evette

"Time has been flying by, and I wanted you to know that I finished your book in one week. I began it on the first anniversary of my husband's leaving this world, and finished it exactly one week later. I found the book to be poignant, open, and a beautiful expression of the love between two true partners. The writing was fluid and honest. I felt drawn into your story. It was well done. Thank you for sharing your story with the world, and for deciding to honor your wife by creating a worthwhile foundation."
— Lisa

"I was blessed to have Sue as a best friend, then Sue and Joe together, and I got to know them all over again in ways I hadn't expected when I read, "In Sickness and In Health". I am so proud of Joe for helping others in their difficult journey with cancer by writing this beautiful testimony and tribute to a very, very special person, and to a love that cannot be extinguished by time or disease."
— Marcia

"Your book really touched me, Joe. It is quite a tribute to Susan and I wanted you to know how happy I am to have known her. I read it on Easter and haven't stopped thinking of all four of you. Susan was a wonderful human being who always had a smile on her face. Your book reminded me that we must enjoy the NOW because it so soon becomes the past. Thank you for sharing Susan with the world."
— Nikki

"Got the book, read it in one night, it was very moving. I could feel Susan — what strength and spirit. The book, it was lovely and touching and nice to 'share' a small part of her life again. Great job."
— Toni, childhood friend of Sue

"Just wanted to let you know I finally finished reading your book this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so uplifting to read a true love story that also reinforces the idea that life is what you make it. Thanks so much for sharing."
— Regina

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