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This foundation is in honor of my wife, Susan. It is currently being funded from Sue's life insurance check, donations from friends, family and local businesses. That is where my book comes in. All net proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Foundation which has aided over 3000 high school seniors from 27 states across the nation with more than $1,000,000 in college scholarships in its first 18 years. In 2023 alone the Foundation helped over 201 students in the United States. These monies are earmarked for their college education. To be eligible for the award they must be a graduating senior going in the fall to a college. They must have a parent who has passed away of cancer, or have a parent who is presently battling it.

Across the country, thousands of high school seniors have had to deal with the hardships, emotional scars and the devastation of seeing a parent either battling cancer or unfortunately succumb to it... astounding numbers! Mind you, many of these kids would never be eligible for academic awards simply because their grades suffer as they now have to take on responsibilities that one or both of their parents can no longer handle. It is very important to keep the children of cancer parents, the "silent sufferers", in our daily stream of consciousness

"How very fortunate that Joe and Sue had one another. The love they shared with each other and their children is what every young girl dreams about. Her prince will come and they will be happy ever after. Their story though tragic at the end was really quite beautiful. Their love filled the room and made everyone smile. While so many of us who have cancer understand the anguish and pain, knowing that you have someone who cares and walks that path alongside you somehow makes it easier. Sue left a legacy of great spirit and a will to live. She shared with all of us through Joe that while her life was cut short she made the best of every second. Those memories will be cherished for all time. I am proud to have known Sue and the wonderful family she leaves behind. This book instills in all of us how precious life is and how important the time is that we are here on this earth. Joe will always think about Sue with that incredible smile and warmth."
— Geri Barish, Survivor
    President 1 in 9 Breast Cancer Organization - Executive Director Hewlett House

"This is a rich and warm account of the strength of a marriage. It is a tale of how our limits are tested and the resilience a family must find while watching a loved one endure the hardships of cancer. It reminds us that health is a gift one must never take for granted."
— Dr. Bret Ostrager, South Shore Family Medicine

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